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Subdivision SignWelcome to Stratford Place Subdivision, is located in the beautiful Tennessee River Valley near Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are an open community valuing the natural beauty in a community setting subdivision.

In the late 60' s developers Bill Hulsey and Chick Fleming had a vision. Over the next decade they bought one hundred and fifty nine acres and created what is now known as Stratford Place. They designed the large individual tracts to keep the rural feel of the area but wanted to give it an English flavor. The subdivision's name was derived from Mr. Hulsey' s grandfather who was a Stratton and the streets followed this same theme. Finney Point was actually a point on Lake Kissimmee in Florida where Mr. Hulsey' s mother was born. Her name was Mona and the current Mrs. Hulsey' s middle name is Lee hence, Mona Lee Drive. Peghorn was the name of Mother Hulsey' s elementary school in Florida. Branston was created from the Hulsey' s grandchildren, Brandy and Justin, Picadilly Circle and Graystone were to add to the English feel.

The land was originally owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds . When Mr. Edmonds died during the transaction, Mrs. Edmonds completed the sale. She eventually remarried and had a daughter who married into the Whittenburg family who owns the farm across Little Debbie Parkway to this day.

General Announcements:


Who’s ready for Spring?! The snow was beautiful, but this winter has been tough on a lot of trees and plants, not to mention the rest of us! All of us in Stratford Place are lucky to have great neighbors who were willing to get out there in the snow and clear the front entrance and other areas so we could all get in and out. Here’s hoping Spring will be less eventful!

Apison Pike Update
The property appraisals are supposed to be complete by now. We
are now waiting to hear from TDOT on their proposed compensation
for the acquisition of our front entrance property. We plan to bring
to the acquisition meeting a request for TDOT to provide a curbed
area that meets all regulatory requirements with the new
construction. This will allow us to rebuild an attractive entrance sign.
The latest schedule we have is:
 2015 – start of construction
 2017 -- finish construction
 2018 – attempt to re-build entrance

Cleanup Day
Springtime is here and with it comes the chance of storms that could bring down trees. If a tree comes down & some of it is in the street, the County Highway Dept will come and clear the street and clean up what is in the right of way. To make this happen, you can call Hamilton County Highway Dept at 855-6100, or if it is after hours & the tree is blocking the street you can call the Sheriff’s Dept at 622-0022. Also, we are planning a cleanup of the Commons areas on Picadilly and Peghorn. Please consider volunteering some time to
spruce up these areas.

Additions and corrections to the website can be sent to the following email addresses:  New Neighbors

New Neighbors
The Hospitality Committee makes every effort to meet new homeowners and welcome them to Stratford Place and to the HOA. However, with today’s busy schedules, sometimes we are unable to
catch folks at home! If you are new, or you know your new neighbor
hasn’t been “welcomed,” please contact Annetta Crawford,
Hospitality Chair

Annual Meeting
The SPHOA Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 3, at the Redemption Point Church on Ooltewah-Ringgold Road. This is a great chance to catch up with neighbors and discuss issues affecting or neighborhood.As you know, the Board is set up so that each year 3 members rotate off and fresh members join. We will be looking for 3 volunteers to fill the new vacancies on the Board, starting in July.  Board meetings are typically held once each month for an hour or so. New Board members can take on whatever level of leadership they desire, or just be there to contribute to the  discussion. If you’ve never been a Board member, or it’s been a while, please consider volunteering. It is essential for our subdivision to have a strong HOA and a functioning Board to keep up with issues affecting all

The Weather

This Day in History

Do you have a buisness?
A "Resource" page has been included in the site. This page is for those in the subdivision who would like to "advertise" their business/service as a resource for our community. We are not looking to "advertise" per say, but just a listing. We hope that offering this expertise to the community will be a benefit.  All residents can email Mark the info to the address above. He would also like to add more to the "Local Services" page as well.

The Board works hard to stay on top of issues that affect the whole subdivision, but comments or info are always welcome! Please feel free to contact Board members at any time.
Your Board members through July 2014 are:
 Bob McLelland (President)
 Sheila Singleton (Treasurer)
 Jonathan Geach (Vice-pres.)
 Kristen Drozdek (Secretary)
 Ron Wolfe (Apison Pike chair)
 Lynn Miller (Special Events)
 Annetta Crawford (Hospitality)
 Jayne Hannah (Beautification)
 Brad Thomas
Board meeting are open to everyone, and are usually held the first Tuesday of every month. Contact a Board member to confirm the time and place.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program developed to teach citizens how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. While, fortunately, Stratford Place is not a hotbed of illegal activity, we have had an occasional break-in and a recent case of graffiti. Hamilton County Sherriff’s personnel will be presenting information on the Neighborhood Watch program on Thursday, May 1 at 6PM, in the Hannah’s driveway at 8828 Picadilly Trail. Please bring a lawn chair and join us for an informative evening and refreshments.

HOA Dues
Dues for 2014 were due in January. Per the By-Laws, dues are considered delinquent as of April 1. Remember, the dues pay for landscaping services for the common areas, insurance, etc. Paying  dues also allows you to participate in the Annual Meeting and other  social events, as well as receive news updates throughout the year. If you haven’t already, please send your dues to Sheila Singleton at
5319 Peghorn Trail.


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